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All Good Glitter

CBD Edible Glitter

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When you're ready for some glitter with a lighter effect... our CBD glitter is your ready best!

Add All Good Glitter to any food or drink to make it sparkle and shine. No added taste. No added texture. Our glitter has jut the right amount of sparkle that takes you to your happy place. 

100% edible, food grade ingredients. Vegan.  

CBD glitter will not get you "high", but does produce a mellow vibe. (If you're looking for a high, check out our THC glitters, babes.) 

How To Use: It's easy - just sprinkle on your favorite foods and mix into your favorite beverages!

Quantity & Colors: 25mg of CBD per vial (75 mg per pack). Packed full of glittery goodness and come in assorted colors - pink, silver, gold, blue. 

~Oh, and before we forget, responsibility is sexy… A.K.A please enjoy and use these products responsibly. Must be 21+ to order.~


Ingredients: Hemp-derived CBD, Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Coloring