World's First

Cannabis Infused Edible Glitter ™

All glitters are made with 100% edible, food grade ingredients. Choose from:


· Delta 9 (D9) THC

· Delta 8 (D8) THC

· Virgin (no cannabis)

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Our Signature Sparkle

· 100% Edible, Food Grade Ingredients

· 100% Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids, No Synthetics

· Proprietary Blend

· Vegan

· 3rd Party Lab Tested

· US Farm Bill Compliant

(We know you want to embrace your inner-unicorn, but you won't poop glitter - which is actually a good thing. It means your body breaks down and digests all the ingredients.)

Solely Owned & Soul-ly Owned

Woman Owned Business. Small Business.


We operate without investors. Grown from a glitter seed solely by our owner on her soul vision and with the love and support of our #glitterati community. We appreciate you... like for real.

We believe in a movement... to glitterfy the world and to color it in your own way. In your unique self-expression. Get in babes, we're going glittering.

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Our Promise

We'll always make edible glitter in the best way possible - for you, for this earth, for our communities - to the best of our ability and resources.

We promise to continually evaluate where we can improve as we continue to grow.