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Delta 9 (D9) THC Edible Glitter

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Delta 9 (D9) THC edible glitters are where that plant-life party is! So much so that we're currently out of stock right. Sorry babes! Hit that Notify button over there to the right and we'll be sure to let you know when it's back in stock. Meanwhile, check out some of our other glitters to hold you over.



Add D9-THC edible glitter to any food or drink to make it sparkle and shine. No added taste. No added texture. Just the right amount of sparkle that takes you to your happy place.

100% edible, food grade ingredients. Hemp-derived. 3rd party lab tested. Vegan.  

How To Use: Sprinkle on your favorite foods and mix into your favorite beverages.

Quantity  & Colors: Each vial contains 10mg of D9-THC. 3 vials per pack. (Total of 30mg of THC per pack).  Packs are packed full of glittery goodness and come in assorted colors - pink, silver, gold, blue.  

Oh, and before we forget, responsibility is sexy… A.K.A please enjoy and use these products responsibly. Must be 21+ to order.


Ingredients: Hemp-derived D9, Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Coloring